Rob Orlemans & Half Past Midnight


release May 25, 2013 (Silvox Records sil296)
Rob Orlemans & Half Past Midnight – Highway Of Love

  1. Monkey Tale                     
  2. Shotgun Shack                
  3. It Was You                      
  4. Move On To The Light   
  5. Don’t Wanna Die*           
  6. Hear Me Calling                
  7. Highway Of Love            
  8. Night Bird*                     
  9. Rumble In The Sky         
  10. It’s All Over Now         
  11. Bony Moronie                 
  12. El Diablo’s Dance           
  13. That’s The Way To Boogie
  14. Monkey Tale (radio edit) 


(4.47)  R.Orlemans
(3.41)   R.Orlemans
(4.11)   R.Orlemans
(4.49)   R.Orlemans
(6.11)   R.Orlemans
(4.20)   A.Lee
(2.56)   R.Orlemans
(6.14)  R.Orlemans
(2.36)  R.Orlemans
(4.22)   B.&S.Womack)
(3.15)  L.Williams)
(4.27)  R.Orlemans
(3.30) R.Orlemans
(3.40)  R.Orlemans
(59.05 )  total time

Rob Orlemans - Guitars/Vocals
Piet Tromp      - Bass

Ernst van Ee    - Drums

Special Guest:
Julian Sas*
- Lead Guitar (right channel) on “Don’t Wanna”
- Slide Guitar on “Night Bird”

Additional musicians:
Willem v/d Schoof  - Hammond in background on “Don’t Wanna Die”
René van Zon – Sax on “That’s The Way To boogie”
Jan de Ligt – Sax solo on outro “It’s All Over Now”
Ber van Buren – Percussion on “That’s’The Way To Boogie”

Recorded at Rodisc Music Studio, Tiel The Netherlands

Engineer : Robbo

Producer: Rob Orlemans 2013
All songs arranged by Rob Orlemans, Piet Tromp, Ernst van Ee

Mastering by Caspar Falke , Silvox NL

Front cover design by J. Weyers / P. Pauwelen, Krefeld (D)

Package design: Renske

Front cover photos: Elsabijn v/d Valk

Other photos: Fons Kersbulck/Elsabijn v/d Valk

All R.Orlemans songs published by RO Music,The Netherlands

* Julian Sas has courtesy of Cavalier Records